Who is Dionne Adams?

Dionne was born and raised in Pittsburg and comes from a family with strong Southern roots that have lived and served Pittsburg for four generations and counting. Her paternal grandfather was a union steel and construction worker that brought her father’s family to California for a better life and her maternal grandfather served in the military and was stationed at Pittsburg’s Camp Stoneman. Both of her grandmothers were stay at home mothers who served in the community. Their legacy of service and family was passed on to Dionne’s parents who instilled those values in her and her siblings growing up.

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Why am I running?

I am running because I grew up here and have always appreciated the genuine love people of our city have for each other. I am raising my children here and want the same experience for them while also building our city up to support future generations and residents to come.

As our city moves forward, I want to continue our legacy of Pittsburg love while embracing new residents, businesses and community partners to help make Pittsburg a destination city where everyone feels included and is proud to work, live and play here.

I currently serve on the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce Board, as an advocate for local and diverse businesses. I also serve as a Pittsburg Planning Commissioner, where I’m responsible for reviewing project proposals brought before the city to evaluate feasibility and impact to our community. In my professional career, I have worked for over 20 years in the areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, supplier diversity, marketing, operations and public policy. I have Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from San Francisco State and a Masters in Public Policy from Golden Gate University.  If elected, I will use my education, skills and love for Pittsburg to make it a destination city we can all be proud to be a part of.

Platform Issues

Housing is a necessity for everyone. As our city grows and demographics change, Pittsburg’s housing and development plans need to adapt to provide different types of housing options so that residents don’t have to move away from a city they love. Homelessnesss is a problem across our country and we have to do our part to support our unhoused residents with the support they need, which include shelter, access to resources such as food, transportation and programs to improve their quality of life and security. If elected I will work with our planning commission and developers to create options that support our residents’ needs.

Our Police Department has a great partnership with the existing Council that I would like to continue. The Pittsburg Police Department has been transparent and accountable in different ways such as providing data to the Council when issues around safety and crime are brought forth by residents and businesses. As part of the Pittsburg City Council, I would also like to develop community-informed interventions to keep crime low. Such as programs in partnership with community organizations to redirect repeat offenders toward employment, housing, mentorship and mental health support that may be needed,

In order to support the growing needs of Pittsburg, infrastructure investments must be highly  prioritized thatin the areas improve ing our roads and traffic, internet capabilities and responsible use of water. These things are key for businesses to operate and for residents and workers to have a better quality of life. As part of the Pittsburg City Council, I will be a proponent for infrastructure investments that improve our city’s quality of life and make it more attractive to do business and live here.

Creating, protecting and improving the type of jobs available for local hire is an important component of my platform to create economic growth for Pittsburg. We need to invest in small businesses through incentives, tax breaks, safety and security concerns to operate here. We must also work to retain and attract larger businesses to provide jobs. To do this, we need to listen and understand what makes existing businesses want to stay and what makes them leave, then address the issues that are raised.


U.S. Congressman
Mark DeSaulnier

Contra Costa County Supervisor
Federal D. Glover


Contra Costa County District Attorney
Diana Becton

Pittsburg Mayor
Holland Barrett White

Former Pittsburg Mayor and Councilwoman
Merl Craft

Former Pittsburg  Mayor
Dwaine “Pete” Longmire


Former Pittsburg Mayor and current City Treasurer
Nancy Parent

Former Contra Costa County Water District Board Member
Bette Boatmun

Pittsburg School Board Trustee
Taylor Sims

Pittsburg School Board Trustee
Heliodoro Moreno

NAACP Education Chair
Willie Mims

Former Pittsburg Mayor
Sal Evola

Pittsburg School Board Trustee
De’shawn Woolridge

  • Democratic Party of Pittsburg
  • Local Teamsters 856