Transforming political culture by empowering individuals in their District to develop policy that increases human flourishing and government efficiency.

Politics bring out the worst in us but should bring out the best in us. This change will require a total transformation of political culture. This effort is not a campaign alone. It is a movement that uses facts, intellect and history. Transforming political culture includes three strategies.

The voters will be encouraged to serve each other with:

a. Humility
b. Love
c. Respect

The voters will be equipped with vlogs and three short online master classes:

a. History of Global Wealth
b. Four Corners of Freedom
c. Creating a Freedom Team

The voters of a district will be empowered to develop policy in an apolitical manner. Teams of voters called “Freedom Teams” will be created. The framework for developing policy will be:

a. Uphold the “Four Corners of Freedom”
b. Address Root Issues
c. Minimize Unintended Consequences


The voters in any District can be truly represented in St. Paul by their Representative as a result of Freedom Teams. The State Representatives who participate in the movement agree to support or even introduce policy from the Freedom Teams if the three criteria in strategy #3 are met. This will not only transform political culture; it should also provide a more efficient and effective government.

MN House District 25B can demonstrate this innovative approach in 2020. We believe these strategies enacted during the election year will garner a significant majority of the vote.


Freedom Teams create grassroots involvement. Bottom-up management is part of lean management techniques used by corporations all over the world such as Toyota, John Deere, Intel and Nike.

Freedom Teams also operate in a nonpolitical culture. Apolitical government occurs within the 2,775 Township boards in Minnesota.

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