Organizational Chart

If you have a passion to change political culture in America, we appreciate you and need you!

Issues Team

The Issues Team identifies the top issues in District 25B by working with the staff to create surveys on the website to hear from voters and also facilitate research with the research director.

Solutions Team

The Solutions Team develops solutions for the issues in District 25B. The team will consist of voters/future voters from within District 25B who support the Four Corners of Freedom.

Frontline Team

The Frontline Team is called upon as individuals to provide subject matter expertise occasionally to the Solutions Team.

Freedom Teams

The Freedom Teams include the Issues Team, Solutions Team and Frontline Team.


The staff assists in implementing the business plan. Individual staff members will consist of a campaign manager, treasurer, assistant treasurer, culture coach, marketing director, policy communications director, volunteer coordinator, creative director, research director etc.

Board of Advisors

The board of advisors provide wisdom and insight to the candidate either directly or during monthly meetings. These meetings will be virtual for one hour per month through November.


The candidate will work with all Freedom Teams, staff and advisors directly and indirectly. After elected, the candidate influences policy in Minnesota based on the solutions from the Freedom Teams.

Operational Aspects of Solution Team – Management Systems

The outcomes of the Freedom Teams must align with the vision of this movement:

a. Empower Voters/Future Voters
b. Human Flourishing (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness)
c. Efficient Government

Monthly meetings with the following agenda:

a. Prayer and Pledge
b. Present Visual Management System
c. Receive new issues to be considered
d. Prioritize issues for consideration
e. Break into Freedom Teams to develop solutions (this is the main agenda item)
f.  Presentation of solutions by Freedom Teams as they become available
g. Receive input for the improvement of the Freedom Team meetings
h. What did people learn from each other?

Visual Management Systems provide participants with a quick view of the direction and outcomes of their work. Examples of communication would be # of People from the District Participating, # of Teams Created, # of Issues Being Considered, # of Solutions Provided to State Representative, # of Policies Influenced or Introduced, Communication to the Public

The Freedom Team works on a priority issue to determine a solution using these steps:

a. Identify the root problem of the issue being considered (use research)
b. Research the current statutes related to the issue (
c. Identify whether the solution supports the Four Corners of Freedom
d. Identify the root solution that will address the root issue and the surface issue
e. Identify the unintended consequences that may result from the solution
f. When the Freedom Team is ready, present the solution to the group for input
g. Make revisions to the solution based on input from the group
h. Vote on the solution within the larger group, a simple majority is needed.
i. Post the solution on a website for public viewing and comment from the District
j. Provide to the State Representative of the respective House District
k. State Representative uses the solution to influence or introduce law

*Institute for Enterprise Excellence, Managing for Daily Improvement, April 2019.

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